Sara Bachour is living and working in Maastricht and graduated in 2015 with cum laude at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Maastricht


Text by Alicja Melzacka


Exhibitions/Public moments:

SPACE Collection Connecting Artists Across Borders, exhibition by SPACE collection at the Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, Maastricht

'Like a Mantis Shrimp', workshop and presentation with Hélène Webers, MAFAD, Maastricht
POLIS group exhibition at Graylight Hoensbroek
Look at me and see what I could not (yet) see, Gilbert De Bontridder, group exhibition, Bonnenfantenmuseum, Maastricht
Public debate, a collaboration between the students of POLIS and a group of curatorship students from the Master Arts and Heritage Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht
"Ondergangszone", exhibition with Gladys Zeevaarders, "Huisje" at Miserecordeplein, Maastricht
Slow Accident, group exhibition, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
Realities Revised, pop up group exhibition, B32, Maastricht

Common Knowledge #28: Jugaad, public intervention, Hasselt
Kunsttour 2016, group exhibition MAFAD, Maastricht
We Are Not What We Are, group exhibition, Soup Solo, Maastricht
This Is The Time, exhibition, RAK, Willem II Fabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Subjected Sounds, group exhibition, NAK, Aachen
Video Crumky 2, videos presentation, Big Boys, Maastricht
Kinoglaz Eindexamenfilms, presentation, DZIGA, Nijmegen
Emerging Art Tour Maastricht, presentation, The Artist and the Others, Maastricht
Jan Naaijkens Price, group exhibition, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
Geen Dag Zonder Lijn, group exhibition, Gouvernement aan de Maas, Maastricht
Tent Academy Awards 2015, group exhibition, TENT, Rotterdam
Eyes Adjusting to Light, graduation show, MAFAD, Maastricht
Fables, video exhibited at Depot Basel, Basel, Switzerland
We will be captains, group exhibition and workshop with Matylda Krzykowski, Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht
Fables, Videopower Nacht, L1 TV, The Netherlands
Because of the Internet, group exhibition with Melanie Bonajo, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
Tarot, performance at Intro Insitu, Maastricht

When people were shorter and lived near the water, group exhibition within the workshop with Paul Devens, Pompgemaal, Den Helder

Right Romance, presentation, Achter de Barakken, Maastricht
Colabs, group exhibition, Hedah, Maastricht
Drawing workshop, group exhibition, Decorfabriek, Maastricht
Ceramics exhibition, group exhibition, Decorfabriek, Maastricht
Sound art workshop, group exhibition, Intro Insitu, Maastricht


Tent Academy Awards 2015
Gilbert de Bontridder Prijs 2015


Jan Naaijkens Price 2015


Careof, Milan 2015/2016