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Shattered (Whisper): Pure

performance-installation / 2015 / duration: variable / audio: english

After a research on ASMR phenomenon (Autonomous sensory meridian response) Felix Dorer and I developed this installation/performance. Behind a wall a performer will whisper through a perforated surface a story. The story is a new genesis; where the listener is the creator of the whole world, s/he just forgot who s/he was.


''Do you remember? In the beginning you were pure, clean and perfect.
You were all.
Now you are one of many who are part off all.
Your hopes, fears and perceptions still change and shape the entities around you.
Still, you can feel the other parts of you and love them or miss them.
Your fears and hopes and perceptions still change and shape the entities.
With every thought, you make something new.
Something that might breath and feel the world with the skin you drew around it, the skin, that separates it from being whole.
Remember when you were sad, and you didn't know why?
Maybe you miss your home.
Maybe you miss being whole.''