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Right Romance

audio and text / 2013 / duration : variable / below: 1 of 4 poetries

Rhetorical expressions and metaphors are cut out of a political speech.
The collage of sentences results in political poetry.

Slow The Rise Of The Oceans

And tonight I'm asking you to join me to walk
the ones who woke up at night hearing that voice telling them that life could be better
for the richness of this life
you did it because it was what you had to do
driving home late from that second job
or standing there and watch the gas pump at $50 and still going
with a realtor told they'll just sell your house you gotta take a big loss
in those moments you knew that this just wasn't right
but what can you do?
except work harder
do with less
trying to stay optimistic
hug your kids a little longer
maybe spending little more time praying that tomorrow will be a better day
this isn’t something we have to accept
the gift of unconditional love made permanent impressions on our souls
all the walls and legislation in the world will never heal this world like a loving hearts and arms and mothers and fathers
everyday dad gave Mom a rose
that she’d put on your bedside table
that's how she found out what happened on the day my father died
she went looking for him because that morning there was no rose
those weren’t the easiest of days
is both how we live our lives and why we live our lives
it’s when we go to work in the morning and see everybody else on the block doing the same thing
hope and change had a powerful appeal but tonight I'll ask a simple question
shouldn't feel that way now
but you don't want to go to hell too
sometimes failing
sometimes succeeding
but always striving
it's about dreams
usually doesn't work out exactly as you might have imagined
but today the time has come to turn the page
to forget about what might have been and to look ahead to what can be
not themselves
not on each other
look around you
these aren't strangers
to begin to slow the rise of the oceans