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Huis in de Tuin

documentary publication of the work Misericordeplein / 2019 / 210mmx297mm, 42 pages

" The work arose from our interest in an old, white house that felt out-of-place in the middle of a postmodern square.
After some research, we found out that it used to function as a garden house as part of the convent once located at the Capucijnenstraat.
Before the revitalisation of this area, the house was in ruins. The municipality of Maastricht was planning to tear it down but the citizens didn’t want to let go of that piece of their city’s history. The only way to reach a compromise was to rebuild the house from scratch, based on the pictures from the beginning of the last century.
The temporary installation at the Misericorde Square played with this idea of historical value vs personal perspective. It consisted of three large-scale photographs, glued to wooden panels and placed at the three entrances to the square. By changing their position relative to the work, the viewers could make the white house ‘disappear’ and ‘appear’ again.
What’s left of this work is the documentation of the moment the idea aligned with the ‘point of view'. "

Public Secrets - An Architecture of Limburg’s Visual Culture 

Exhibition photos by Moniek Wegdam